Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Electronically managed student intervention templates

Electronic student list generator

In our school, we have centralized the intervention procedure for identifying students missing homework. We got the idea from another school (who probably got it somewhere else). What makes our different is that it is managed electronically through Google docs and the process is saving teachers and office workers some time.
The student list is managed by one person and teachers go to a Teacher Zap List to select student names, by grade, from a dropdown list. As teachers add student names to the list a list is generated automatically, sorted by up to three criteria. The formulas are all hosted on the admin sheet (and currently in hidden tabs).
The template doesn’t necessarily have to be used for keeping track of missing homework. It can be used to generate any type of student list and have it sorted automatically.
Instructions for using the Teacher Zap and Admin Zap templates:
1. Download both templates: Teacher Zap Sheet and Admin Zap Workbook
2. After choosing to “use the template”, close and reopen each file.
3. Copy the spreadsheet key from the Teacher Zap Sheet url (example below).
*The key is the part following “key=” and ending just before “=en” in the address bar in your web browser. This will allow the sheets to “talk” to each other.

4. Paste the Teacher Zap key into the “Instructions and Setup” tab in the Admin Zap Workbook in cell B3 (yellow).
5. Copy the spreadsheet key from the Admin Zap Workbook address.
6. Paste the key into the “StudentLists” tab in the Teacher Zap sheet in cell D2 (yellow).
7. You can now hide the student list tab, you will not need access to this sheet anymore.
*Hide it by right clicking on the tab and selecting “hide sheet”.
8. In the Admin Sheet you can add in student lists by grade.
*If you change column titles in the 8thGrade sheet (yellow cells only) it will automatically change titles in the other sheets as well. I would recommend keeping the Student Name column as is unless you want to do some formula editing.
9. Teachers can now generate a list of students that will pull student information and sort it into a list as specified. The current sort is by column 5, then by column 2. You can customize this in the Setup and Instructions tab in the Admin Zap Workbook.


  1. Andy, can you do a quick screencast of using this in action? I am having a hard time understanding how your Teacher Zap list is used in your district. No big deal if you are busy! It is the end of the school year!

  2. I did a quick overview and posted it above, hope that helps.