Friday, April 27, 2012

Finding encouragement in discouraging data

I'll share some quick data that has been encouraging in a time that has also been stressful with the end of the year approaching...

We (myself and two other teachers) had a quiz that students took last week that didn't go so well. In the past we've required students to have mastered the learning targets before taking the test (best practice) but with state testing, finals and the end of the year approaching all students took the test on the same day (reality). The results were interesting. On the homework quizzes students had 61%, 71% and 40% on the learning targets (including students that have done corrections). The learning targets on the test came through at 65%, 71% and 43% respectively. I talked with my classes yesterday and it was helpful in demonstrating why I have them do reflections and corrections on their misunderstandings in our learning cycle.

I also looked at some data from our previous unit and thought I'd also share this graphic showing growth across the pretest, test and retake (for those students that retested):

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  1. Very interesting data. Love the use of a dashboard to present results. Now to learn how to use these tools in preparation for the fall.