Thursday, April 5, 2012

Flipped instruction: A cohesive classroom technology plan

I've been thinking lately about what moved me towards flipped instruction in my classroom. From the start I was always a teacher that tried to use technology to assist in my instruction, most likely influenced by watching every episode of Star Trek: Next Generation in high school.
As a teacher I try to not be so random in the structure of class. Each activity, each lesson should have a purpose and too often I don't think education approaches technology in the same way. We are continually thrown random tech tools that are "cool" or "interesting" but never shown how to put such tools together in a way that makes sense or is helpful for students. I believe that #flipclass is a community of educators wrestling with cohesion of technology in a classroom. I'm not saying it's the only one, however if you're skimming you probably won't catch that.
We aren't just about videos, we (hopefully) still wrestle with what current educational best practice is telling us but in general it seems we are looking for a technology plan that makes sense for our classroom, that is efficient, saves us time and maximizes learning for our students.  It does take time but then again doing anything well in life will.

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