Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Course Management updates

Thanks to some teachers I've worked with in the past few days we have caught (and fixed) some bugs in the course management system. The bug happened when the two tests selected for comparison were the same (and blank). This was causing some formulas and filtering to be overwritten in places hidden from view. You know this is happening to you if you are not seeing any growth data graphs populating in the dashboard. It is possible that you'll never see this problem if you only select tests from your drop-down menu but for all new templates downloaded from here this should now be fixed. I've also changed the validated list for selecting the class period and am hoping this will make that work more smoothly as well. You can get the new template with these fixes applied here:


  1. Hi, couple of questions for you: 1) I have a unit dashboard that is linked to student lists and an assessment I have written. Should the course level dashboard link to students and the assessments as well? If so, could you tell me how to fix the error. 2) Students have taken an assessment, there are 20 results in my spreadsheet, but on the dashboard, only 6 show up?
    Please help! Thanks in advance! Love what you are doing....

    1. Did you set the unit and tests up from the course management level? It should be all linked together if you used the scripted menu. If you can send me a message from my Google profile with your email I can send you my address to share the documents with me as an editor so I can take a look at it.