Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Go, Go, Google Gadgets...away?

Based on a new direction I've taken in my classroom I've updated one of the graphs that displays in my student response system (WiFli Response). In place of the Student Confidence vs. Time graph I've changed it to be a pie chart of the confidence level of the overall class. The first graph really didn't give any conclusive information I've found in using it the last year.

What could this mean for you?
I've also gone through and updated all the gadgets in the teacher view to be charts rather than gadgets. The reason being is that Google has decided to discontinue gadgets. The upside is that charts look pretty, the downside is any Google spreadsheet you have that uses gadgets will stop displaying your data visually until you go in and update your gadgets to charts.
What's the big deal?
I chose to use gadgets in much of what I do because I liked that they update in real time as new data comes in. In what seems to be a step backward I now need to refresh the webpage every time I want to update information in the charts. Hopefully they plan to have charts update automatically (or perhaps this is a network congestion solution of theirs??) I've left a comment on one of their product forms on the issue if you want to see more information.

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