Monday, January 21, 2013

if (you know programming, "I need your help") {

I've been stuck at my computer working trying to learn my way through my latest programming project. All is working but I'm hoping to make it function more efficiently for potentially you the user. I'm hoping to have graphs update in real time on a web page and I'm hoping someone that reads this will have experience related to this.
I've searched so many places that the first three pages of just about any web search I do show up as already having been visited by me...
I'm a math teacher, not a programmer so you'll have to forgive my ignorance here...
I've been looking all over for a way to set the chart options in a web app written in Google Apps Script from the doGet() function without any action from the user of the app. I've found documentation in the visualization language but nothing for charts. Here is what I'm thinking should work (but doesn't).
var Correct = Charts.newPieChart().setOption("refreshInterval", 1) .setDataTable(dataTable3) .setTitle("% Correct").setDimensions(400, 300).set3D() .build();
I have the app return the graph just fine but when I update the data on the referenced spreadsheet it will only update the chart if I refresh the page the chart is in manually.
Please respond with ideas in the comments below. Unless you are a robot.

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