Saturday, July 13, 2013

Course resource display manager for students

What is it?
I think I have put this together in a way that should allow for others to duplicate this for their own classroom. My goal was to allow students to locate resources for class simply by typing in an input box and the available resources would be filtered in real time. I could also see including items in the list that are not links like extension questions for students to think about. Links that are included could also be from various sources (not just YouTube) like Google presentations, related websites, links for electronic quizzes, etc. I've also tried to put it together in a way that allows collaboration where anyone with access to the form link can submit resources at any time and they will be included automatically in what is displayed.
*In making some changes to standardize this it is possible there may be an error in my code. Please let me know in the comments if you've followed the steps below and it doesn't seem to run.

Here is how to get started:
1. Click here to make a copy of the template.
2. Open the spreadsheet (or view responses if you are looking at the form) and copy the spreadsheet key ID:
The Key ID is the portion of the web address of the file you are wishing to copy between the key= and the # symbol:
3. From the Tools menu click on Script Editor, in line 8 replace the text "Spreadsheet key goes here" with your copied spreadsheet ID (with quotation marks around it like this "1234ASDFSAWEFSADFnf" for example).
4. Click the Publish menu and then "deploy as web app".
5. Save a version number (give it a name of some sort when prompted).
5. Set it to execute by you (says 'me' and then your email address) and then set access to the app as 'anyone, even anonymous'.
6. Finally publish it and then share the current link that appears to allow others to access your class resources.


  • Clicking on a column header will sort the table of resources by that column.
  • Columns B through E all need to have entries in them for the app to display without error and I don't think it will run into you have at least one row of resources entered in.
  • Feel free to tweak this for your own needs if you are feeling brave with javascript code.
  • You could create an recipe that sends new YouTube upload links and info to a Google spreadsheet (could even be this spreadsheet if you set it up correctly).

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