Friday, January 10, 2014

Help our team please!

I don't ask for much and this request really isn't for myself. This year I started coaching our high school's cross country ski team because some of the members approached me as being worried they wouldn't have a team if they didn't get a coach. They knew I skied but after talking they realized I am a downhill skier. All common sense would have probably led this to be the end of the story but instead I signed on as the head cross country ski coach. I have learned a lot and thankfully my experience as a runner and downhill skier has helped incredibly in being able to pickup the sport (that and watching lots of YouTube videos, reading countless books and surrounding myself with people that do know what they are doing...)
We are currently in need of uniforms and have started a fundraising campaign. Some of our kids are wearing jumpers from the 1970's, an interesting era in fashion and athletic apparel...If you have ever been helped out by something you have read on this blog I just ask for a small contribution in return to help out our team. Last year the blog reached 100,000 views and it would be pretty easy to raise the amount of money needed if people contributed even just $5 to our cause. Here is the link to our fundraiser site:
Thank you for considering. I will continue to share what I do in my classroom freely on this site in hopes that others will find something useful. Have a great Friday!

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