Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Displaying student work (quickly and for free)

For the past year I've wanted to get Air Server going in my classroom but due to circumstances out of my pay grade I am not allowed to make it work (well) in my classroom. A week or so ago it occurred to me that there was a simple workaround I could be using that may actually work better.
Add a new file menu

I have Google Drive's app on my phone and iPad and there is an option to take a photo and add it directly to a folder. I have a folder in my Google Drive titled "Student Work". When I see student work that I want to discuss with the class I navigate to that folder in my app, select "Use Camera" in the new document menu and I'm on to the next student.
View from within the app

When we are ready to regroup I have that folder displayed on my projector and can easily annotate on them when needed through my computer software.
View from my computer

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