Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Live student agenda

A practice I've been doing this year that I've found really helpful for students is updating a live student agenda that is displayed on the board and shared with students. I use the same Google Presentation for an entire unit and just update the first slide to be the current day agenda. I move old agendas to the bottom of the presentation for reference and use for next year...assuming most things are similar for next year.

I push the agenda out at the beginning of the unit through Google Classroom and encourage kids to bookmark it. It sets up a flow for the day and I try to be as visual with what is displayed as possible. All activities referenced for kids are live links and take away the hassle of what they need to be doing next. I use emojis in class to hint at expectations (teacher led, working as a class, ticket out the door, extension).

In the slideshow I'm also having slides for essential class notes (in case a student is absent...or didn't write down what I asked them to a few days back) and a rolling list of the main practice activities that should be completed up to this point.

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