Monday, July 18, 2011

#Flipclass Geometry Syllabus--Looking for some feedback.

Below is a section of my Geometry syllabus I've updated for the coming school year. It is my intention to give a short description of this flipped classroom for parents and students and how it is different from past courses they have experienced. I assess daily classwork using my google forms template to help in the data collection process and not overload myself with correcting.
I would appreciate feedback on any part of this, but especially with:
  1. If you were a parent would this help you understand initially what is taking place in the class? If not what can I add?
  2. Am I setting the bar too low with 70% mastery level on each classwork activity? What percentage would you recommend?
This is a "Flipped Classroom"
In a traditional classroom, students would see examples in class and be expected to attempt the homework at home. Problems arise when a student gets stuck or does not understand and they attempt to do the homework incorrectly. In our class, assisted by technology, students will view instructional videos at home and work through the practice, homework or extension activities when they come to class.
Each student will move to the next learning objective when the previous one has been mastered. This will give each student the opportunity to go more in depth than in a traditional model through individualized instruction, additional practice and extension activities.

Assessment of Progress:
  • Online electronic classwork submission will be used to track student progress daily in class.
  • Classwork will be given daily.
    • All unit classwork must be completed at at a 70% or higher level of understanding before a student is able to take a quiz or test.  
  • Most chapters the students will take one quiz and one test.

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