Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Updates to the assessment template: Minor but helpful

Rising out of a need to get information quicker (and Google seeming to be a little slower this week) I added in a couple functions to get additional information for assessment results.
In the individual student tab it will now show not only the item number missed but also inline the correct response and the student response.
It may seem basic to some of you but I finally figured out that "<>" is the equivalent to "not equal to" in spreadsheet talk and that helped a lot. Here's a snapshot of how the results look:
Another change is in the All Classes tab a class average will now appear above each class along with a quick link to edit your class list (say if a student moves in halfway through the year). Note: This page only works once you've set up the key in the Setup tab.

Some other points of interest I've found this week:
1. Validation does not work until Google's yellow "working" message appears...twice. This week that seems to take longer than usual. This is the function that allows things like drop down menu's to work properly within spreadsheets.
2. If your multiple choice answers also happen to be logical argument words like "True" or "False" some of the features break. A fix for now could be to add a "." in front of the words or use "T" or "F". 
3. If you want to clear old entries in the Form Data tab, do NOT "delete rows" this will affect other formulas. Either choose "delete entries" in the menu or simply select the rows and hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard.

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