Thursday, December 29, 2011

WiFli Student Response System

In conclusion to my Open letter to an edtech company series (here and here) I've launched a website this week that releases my own student response system: WiFli Student Response Sytem ( The platform is cloud-based and works through Google Forms and Spreadsheets. For access, the system relies on either student owned or classroom sets of computers or other web-enabled devices.

Dashboard View

The cost is considerably less than some of the fees being charged by other edtech companies (less than 1%) and I feel that the data returned is much more useful in directing immediate classroom instruction for individual and groups of students. Another positive in my mind is that it does not rely on a third-party (besides Google anyway) to run and you will own the student data in your own personal Google account.

The results are integrated into a single-view dashboard appearance with data filtering options, student confidence level and overall correct percentages (see image above). Within the dashboard there is a history of 10 questions that can be seen for after class reflection by the teacher. No editing is required by the end-user but there are some options available like integrating a class list to show who has not yet responded--it can also detect which class is submitting answers and unlike other web-based student response systems the teacher has the option to set the correct answer in the question set.

I've priced it at $5 for a single user trying to keep it comparable to an app price. The cost is a one-time fee and only needs to be payed by the teacher, the students will access it by one link shared for an entire school year. School and district pricing options are also available with a little humor in the pricing for edtech companies.


  1. All right Andy - those of us willing, but slightly intimidated - how's the tech support?

    Can't wait to try it out; maybe one class until I'm comfortable.

    This is amazing by the way.

  2. I'm thinking of putting together some videos that can be sent out as a tutorial for getting started. It really won't take much setup beyond sharing the link with your students and then viewing the dashboard as they submit a response to each question.