Friday, February 24, 2012

A more strategic and varied #flipclass approach

We started a new unit this past week and I have resolved to implement more differentiated activities with my students. I've been polling students at the beginning of class with a question meant to identify those students I want to work with more intentionally during the period. Those identified students then do some small group instruction with me, group work on the interactive whiteboard, discussions, etc during the class period. A follow up question is done near the end of class for me to quick check in with students still having misconceptions.
I've also begun printing off a handful of practice sheets (nothing fancy, just the provided resources with our text adoption) for the students that just want some extra practice or for the students that I think need an extra challenge beyond the basic material (differentiated tasks during class). I have backed off from the more self-paced approach and focused more on depth than speed in the classroom. Students that finish early I encourage to work on a more challenging task or review past lessons with each other. This has helped to make daily class less crazy and more focused.
Pretest to Quiz Growth Results

I'm pleased with the growth results shown on our quiz today (measured from the pretest to current quiz) as they seem to be much more consistent than past results have been. I feel that individual student needs have been met more intentionally with this approach and look forward to moving more in this direction as the year progresses.


  1. I love the pretest-current quiz graph. I'd like to be able to do that with my students -- perhaps I'll move in that direction with a unit or two towards the end. Do you give the pretests on paper, or using your google forms? If on forms, is it all multiple choice then so it can be automatically graded?
    -Rocky, Algebra and Physics teacher, attempting to flip physics for first time

  2. Using forms. Test is paper copy but students submit from home sot he auto-grade happens that way too. All multiple choice questions on pretest.