Friday, June 15, 2012

QR code scripting

Last night I discovered while playing with the url shortener API in Google scripts that once a URL has been shortened using the address, if you add ".qr" to the end,  it will open up the associated QR code.
For example vs
With this new discovery this morning I have added it in to my course management system so now when a user creates an assessment not only does it send the form link to a unit table of contents, it will also send an inline QR code as well for students. I see this as being helpful for students accessing the form quickly and for a teacher being able to copy that image and place it directly on a paper copy of the test. The form links are now also paragraph items rather than list items which I think should help if the user wants to edit the text later. For users of the course management system this update is applied for all future units created.
Listen to how nerdy I've become...

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