Monday, July 16, 2012

Quadratic video investigation

I'm experimenting with some new tools I've acquired this summer. Camtasia 8 for video production, Tracker for analyzing motion in a video and also contemplating embedding shortened url's at the end of the video pointing to data for student investigation.

I'm not all that defined at this point in the lesson but I'm hoping to tie in quadratic equations, reflections and some introductory physics ideas. I'm hoping students will think the return path of the ball is the same as the path leading up to it and the progressive analysis in the video will challenge them to investigate what happened to cause the ball to follow a different path after the bounce. Some possible follow up experiments for the students their own video analysis and varying the experiment a bit--what happens when the ball is on its way up or down at the bounce? What if it hits the ceiling and then the wall? What if the ball is more bouncy?
My plan is to use this lesson with Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2 students. I'd love comments or suggestions as to where to go with this.

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