Friday, January 4, 2013

Class agenda for today

Three levels of activity today
For each lesson that I've been preparing this year I have been trying to have practice, review and extension options for each learning target. This unit I actually have the extensions ready to go ahead of time (probably having to do with us just having 10 days off). 

Our progression
We started the lesson a few days back with a large group investigation, following the golden ratio idea. Yesterday we did some more formal practice. Students that were rating themselves at an understanding or mastery level began to work individually on their practice material instead of staying with the large group. I used a couple clicker questions to help students identify how well they were understanding the material.

Student choice
We started in a similar fashion today and added a tier of activity for students that completed the practice yesterday in class--beginning work on extension activities for this learning target from a menu of choices (example). 
Throughout class I had students moving about the room, helping each other, asking me questions and digging deeper into the concepts. I love my job. 

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