Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sending email results without the answer key

I've updated the email results script to allow for teachers to withhold correct answers in the feedback email students receive. By default, when the email results are triggered from the assessment menu, the correct answers will be sent to items missed.
To prevent this from happening you can now go to the Setup and Results tab in the individual test spreadsheet, click in the yellow cell (G2) and select "Don't Send Answers". Students will then receive an email with their score, their submitted answer and your feedback or standard identified with that item.


  1. Sorry for my ignorance! If I already have assessments set up in the template, how do I update to the new script to get this option? Thanks!

  2. Aaron, script will be in all new tests created by course mgmt system or in assessment template on my blog. If you want to add to your existing tests already made you'll need to copy script from editor in one of the new files and paste it into each script in your existing files. I'm sure there is a way to manage versions but I haven't investigated how to do that yet.