Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wifliresponse: Testing and tweaking phase

Aside from adding some visual elements and minor customizing I have a working product. It is not available yet on the website but I'm shooting for next week. Say tuned...
Big development recently has been a data snapshot tool that allows the teacher to capture a poll result and add it to a recent history graph for the current class data. The system has the ability to identify which class is in session and will load the progress graph the next time the class responds to a poll. Here's a preview:


  1. Liking this even more now that it will be web based. Will it work on mobile devices in browser?

  2. Clay--for teacher it will run on any device through browser. Students can access via shared permanent link, tweeted link, QR code or URL. By clicking on the qr code the teacher will see click stats report through site too. Lots of fun features :)