Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wifli Response: Appearance and functions are set.

I have the Wifli Response web app set in appearance and function. Next step will be to update the website for sale and distribution of the app. I'm thinking I'll stick with the $5/teacher rate. Seems like a steal compared to some that charge $1/student/semester. This will accommodate up to 200 students per poll per class.
While I get there are free response systems out there, I think this offers some things others never will:
1) My app is run entirely from your Google drive and you will be the only one that has access to your data. The app is run by you, not a 3rd party (script runs as the user and not the owner for those that understand the difference.)
2) Easily update class lists in a Google spreadsheet. Class being polled is automatically identified by the system--useful for attendance and tracking teacher selected data points by class.
3) No room number or code for students to enter (because we all know how good at following directions some can be...) URL is permanent and shortened (and one click tweeting!) QR code access is set as well and provides click stats.
4) Simple TWO button operation.

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