Sunday, August 4, 2013

Order of operations practice with feedback

My summer hobby has turned out to be learning more programming. I want to try and create some practice for students in areas that I anticipate will need more practice. One of those earlier topics being the order of operations. Now that I have the code put together I think making future practice exercises will go much quicker. On the programming side I learned this time around how to have help text appear within the textbox and then disappear when clicked--something I wish Google forms would integrate *hint, hint*
Here's the link to the practice. There are seven question types, chosen randomly. If there is another you want me to add write it out in the comments below and I'll get it in there.
Here is a link to the code file.
*Disclaimer: rather than program a solution for division by zero I just made sure not to have any questions that would have that occur. When using division in expressions I didn't want crazy decimals so you'll always see division by 2.

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