Friday, September 6, 2013

Google calendars and html

Embedded classroom calendars
In Google calendars a colleague of mine (Kyle Sellers) discovered that you can actually use html in calendar event descriptions. This is great for use in an embedded classroom calendar for daily classroom activities for parents and students to check out. They can subscribe to the calendar and have important class details and resources only a click away.

Some key html help for those new to it:

To make a link like mine above you would use this code in the description you type for that sentence:
We looked at the <a href = "">classroom website</a> in class and the information that can be accessed there. [You would want to edit the text in blue to say what you want.]
To make that same link bold and underlined you could add in <b><u> in front of the text and </b></u> after the text like so:
<a href = ""><b><u>classroom website</b></u></a>
The <b> turns on the bold formatting and the </b> turns it off. Otherwise all the following text would become bold.

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