Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Computer generated practice

It's out there and I get that. As a teacher I always find that something that is already made is not quite what I'm looking for so I make it again myself. It's a problem I have and I should probably get some help :)

That being said, if you know some javascript I've shared the code for my computerized practice that I've been developing for my algebra kids this year. For those not experienced in javascript this is probably the point where you just stop reading and visit the blog another day...

Click here to get a copy of the script file. I have it set when you click to make a copy in your current Google Apps account.

In the file, go to the questionSet file. The questions in the comments should give a step by step of where to go and what to do.

Basic idea is you can make question sets for students (and I'm hoping to get some advanced students to apply their learning to make their own question sets to share with me). Here is an example of a set of questions.
[Here is a link to the code (specifically in the questionSet file) for the activity.]

I've also put some help slides related to this in my programming track presentation for students here.

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