Saturday, November 9, 2013

Entry level point for using programming in Algebra!

After working with kids last Friday I left school thinking that maybe there is a way to get them into the idea of constraints, if statements and random variables without them having to do so much messy work early on. I'm working on making a web app that will let them enter only the constraints, variable expression, solution and worked out feedback when someone answers the question wrong. A problem I'm currently having is how to also allow for <a+b> to be replaced by the sum of the variables a and b. Right now it will only replace <a> with the variable a, etc. It does work and I am going to be working with kids this week on it. I'm pretty excited about this--it seems like a good way to integrate early JavaScript skills with my algebra class. What I see coming in the near future is evaluating expressions within sentence and making it a little more visually appealing. Here it is if you want to try it out so far.

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