Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maybe educators prefer flipped instruction and just don't realize it.

In past staff development sessions I have led (or been a participant) it can be difficult to move the group forward efficiently. To move fast enough for the tech-savvy people in the room and slow enough for people having trouble just getting logged in to their Google accounts.

I have uploaded and updated new instructions for using the Google Forms Assessment template I've created and have been using with my students over the last few years. I've also reorganized my blog to make it easier for followers just catching up on past posts to find the basics in implementing the tool in their own classrooms.

Despite handing out written instructions I've often heard "Written instructions don't work for me, I just need to see it".
I wonder if our students would say something similar about their textbooks... 
In anticipation of leading others through the process again I've created mini videos for each area of the assessment. The videos contain features and tools of the template as well as just getting the initial template setup for each individual teacher.

As I was sitting here thinking that over I realized that teachers, in staff development sessions, prefer flipped instruction. Moving at their own pace. Pausing, being able to stop when they need to think something over.  Seeing something again without having to slow others down or having the ability to move through things already known or understood.

As teachers many of us seem to prefer this mode of learning and that, for me, is a great argument for the need to provide those same opportunities for our students.

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