Monday, November 25, 2013

#codemaths: Code exporting

For my own interest and in trying to make future work easier for myself I added a code export button the the #codemaths app. A person can now build a question in the app, test it quickly and then add it to a practice set to be used with students here. All code will be generated for the practice set script that will be used within the curly brackets below (in the questionSet file):
Exported code here
You will still need to specify how many questions and follow the steps on publishing it as a web app but the other coding stuff gets much easier now.
This weekend I had a student email his codemaths creation of an equation that used random variables that always had a solution of 1. He talked to me about specific numerical examples and then went ahead and proved why it would always work SYMBOLICALLY...pretty cool. We haven't nearly touched that in class but he is excited enough and motivated by his project to figure it out on his own. My building tech teacher has also said he's seen kids working on it in the lab before school.

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