Tuesday, December 3, 2013

#codemaths explained: Made to test and share code easily with students

I've since added some functionality to the #codemaths platform that will allow for easier exploration for students and some quicker editing for me (video). As I move into working with tables and graphs on a more regular basis I wanted a way to be able to display either or both of them in a question without having to recode it each time. Through the use of checkboxes a graph and/or associated table can be displayed alongside a question. I also have it set to automatically provide a link to the code (if a student gets the question wrong) so students can look under the hood of each practice question that I make for them and learn from seeing examples of working 'code'. In this example you can see the use of creating an array and sorting it so that the listbox choices are randomized a bit so the correct answer is not always in the same place.
I've also tweaked the code export a bit to be more stable so it really is just a cut and paste for me to build a question set to be used in the practice part of our learning cycle. This has been a really fun project for me as it has developed. As always I'm trying to take out some of the technical stuff so that it is more accessible to other teachers wanting to dabble in it.
To build question sets using custom code, check out this post.

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