Assessment Template

  • Click here for some formal instructions on setting up your initial Google Forms Assessment template.
  • Once you have the template set up, click here for some instructions walking you through making a copy to use for your first assessment. *I hope to get some advanced feature videos posted at the end of this document soon. 

See my other related blog posts for more written information on the idea. (like the Template Overview post

Main points
1. Only edit cells in the template that are highlighted in yellow
2. If requiring people to login, check the box that will require users to login in the "edit form" section

If you aren't sure about this and want to play with a sheet with some data already preloaded, make a copy of this sheet: Sample Student Data worksheet

If you plan to use the forms to assess people that will need to login to Google, use this template (This one may only work for Google .edu users):

If you plan to use the forms to assess people that do not need to login or have Google accounts, use this template (If you are not a Google Education domain, you may have to use this one):